Garden Space Available

Interested in growing your own food? Need access to a garden space?

At the CommuniTea Garden, we can all learn and grow beside one another. Consider engaging with Tea House Collective, this space allows you to test out gardening in a comfortable space alongside other community members doing the same thing.

Sliding scale rates ranging from $5-$10

Storage space also available for those interested.

A Black Folk Plant Exchange

Was created to curate a space where black folks were able to gather in community and exchange not only plants but knowledge and learning. So many of us are finding ways to heal and re-learn ourselves, in doing so we found a connection with plant care and self-care.

In this space, we will not only exchange plants, but plant materials like your personal soil mixture or fertilizer. Bring whatever you have to offer, even if that means it's just you. We welcome novice and veteran plant owners because we all have so much to share.

Follow us on Instagram @ablackfolkplantexchange to watch our journey and be connected with the community.

ABFPE Attendee taking home a Philodendron Brasil and a specialized soil mixture!

ABFPE attendee taking home a ZZ plant!