Exploration of Black Queer Feminist Lit Through Clay

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Single Session Clay Class

Do you have an interest in exploring a new medium?

Do you like trying new things?

In our single session clay class, you will take on the role of an artist. We guide you through the process of brainstorming, learning building techniques, and help to facilitate your exploration.

After a single class, you'll feel empowered to continue claying on your own!

Build your own price: $25 -$48

Multi Session Clay Class

Searching for a new hobby? Looking to develop your clay skills?

In our multi session class, you will experience the clay process beginning to end. You will spend time learning hand building methods, exploring which one fits you best, learn to trim and decorate, and finally learn to apply color to your piece.

After the multisession class, you'll walk away knowing how to build larger and add more details.

Sliding Scale Price $175-$225

Private Session

Want us to bring the clay experience to you?

With the private session, you create your own experience. You curate your guest list, control how much clay you have, and the environment.